About the webinar
The Webinar intends to look at the affect lockdown has had on women, especially, since it was announced suddenly leaving most people unprepared and in critical conditions. Various reports have shown increase in cases of domestic violence and torture on women since the curfew like conditions were imposed. While the police and other authorities remain busy in keeping the Corona virus spread under control, it becomes imperative to understand how such cases are being dealt, what steps and measures are being taken to ensure the safety of women. A lot of questions arise owing to the condition we are in. To find answers to all such questions and many more, the webinar will have Ms. Manisha Gulati, Chairperson, Punjab State Women’s Commission.
About the Speaker
Ms. Manisha Gulati has been serving as the chairperson of Punjab State Women’s Commission since March 2018. Following her appointment, she has been known for launching various missions for women and representing them at different levels. She is known to undertake robust redressal mechanisms for grievances of women and takes bold decisions to ensure safe place for women in the society. One of her landmark steps were action against Punjabi singer Honey Singh for projecting women in a wrong manner. She initiated discussions with the foreign minister to rescue destitute women in foreign countries who were taken from India under pretext of marriage.
To know more about the Speaker, visit her Facebook page:-  https://www.facebook.com/manisha.gulati.35
About the Organizer
This webinar is being organized by Ms. Aarushi Garg, a final year law student who deeply feels for the cause of women. She has actively spoken about women rights at different platforms for different occasions. Ms. Garg has a YouTube Channel by the name ‘The Jeannie’ where she puts legal content for budding and practising lawyers. She has keen interest in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Her vision is to help students voice their opinions and provide them a platform to have healthy discussions.
To know more about the Organizer feel free to write to her at:- [email protected]
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