Retired Judge Lokur; Action against critics for giving fake news

The central government is ruthlessly strangling freedom of expression so that people do not have to express their views, Retired Supreme Court judge M.B Lokur opined that the sedition law was also being used for this purpose. He also said that now anyone who criticizes the central government is being held responsible for spreading fake news.

He made the remarks while addressing a seminar on ‘Freedom of Expression and Justice’. He lamented that the corona infection and how the government system fails to control it is being blamed on spreading fake news to journalists. The central government is ruthlessly using the law of treason to strangle freedom of expression. If you look at the last few months, you will suddenly see an increase in treason cases.

Seventy people have been prosecuted under the Act this year, he added.

Lokur gave the example of Dr. Kafil Khan.

Lokur said his statement was similarly misinterpreted and acted upon.

Reported By : Sahil Gosavi

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