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The Centre for Parliamentary Studies and Law Reforms (CPSLR) under the National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi is an official endeavour of the University to make legislations more effective for social transformation and to achieve social justice by equitable administration of law.

About the Round Table on ‘Liberty’

The CPSLR, NUALS is hosting an International Web Conference on “Liberty” from August 12-14. The Round Table on “Liberty” is hosted, in association with Students For Liberty, an international educational non-profit organization, as an extension of the same to pitch-in academically and legally advanced civil discourse on the subject matter. The idea of liberty for an individual can depend on a variety of factors and one’s background. It can stem from social issues like class and caste struggle and economic aspects like labour movements and freedom from crony capitalism. It can even branch out into environmentalism and gender studies.

Attaining liberty for an individual or a class of individuals is the center of various political, philosophical and legal principles. With these sub-themes in mind, bring clarity to your knowledge by attending the international virtual Round Table on Liberty. The Round Table will end with the release of the flagship Kochi Charter on Liberty.


E-Certificate of Participation, from CPSLR-NUALS, will be provided for each session to all attendees based on the information provided in the Registration Form.


Day 1
Topic: Public Policy, Rule of Law & Civil Liberties
Date and time – 12th Aug, 2020 ; 6:00-7:30 PM IST
Moderator: Nazlican Kanmaz- International Officer, 3H Movement- Turkey
D. Dhanuraj (Chairman, Centre for Public Policy Research) – India
Tara Krishnaswamy ( Founder – Shakti) – India
Olumayowa Okediran (Managing Director, African Liberty) – Nigeria

Day 2
Topic: Press, Free Speech and Culture- Role Of Reason And Rationalism.
Date and time : 13th Aug ; 6:00-7:30 PM IST
Mod: Dhananath Fernando- COO, Advocata Institute- Sri Lanka
Dr. Tom G Palmer ( Vice President, International Programs, Atlas Network ) – USA
Hindol Sengupta (Indian historian, journalist and Author) – India
Stephanie Slade (Managing Editor, Reason Magazine)- USA

Day 3
Topic: Conscious Capitalism – Future of Freedom
Date and time – 14th Aug ; 2:00-3:30PM IST
Mod: Vipin P Vetil (Assist. Professor, IIT Madras) – India
Barbara Kolm (Director of the Austrian Economics Center (AEC) & Vice President of General Council, Austrian National Bank)- Austria
Paul Frijters (Professor of Wellbeing Economics, London School of Economics)- UK
Bhuvana Anand (Director, Research, Centre for Civil Society) – India

Registration Details

Registration for the Round Table on ‘Liberty’ is FREE
Register by 12th Aug

Contact Details

Neethika Manoj,
Student Coordinator for Round Table
Mob: +91 9995739779

Prof (Dr.) Anil R Nair
Email id:

Link to the website of International Web Conference on LIberty:

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