National Advocacy Workshop: Talekar and Associates in association with SCC Online: Feb 15, Mumbai

Talekar and Associates, along with our knowledge partners SCC Online and Eastern Book Company, is conducting National Advocacy Workshop-2020 for the witty and wise, in our effort to create a conducive culture for the brightest minds to explore
litigation which would be a skill-based workshop for the witty and wise. The first of this series is the Advocacy workshop.

AIM of the workshop is to equip students interested in litigation to take their first steps in Court-rooms with confidence by learning from mistakes made by others. The first appearance usually has a huge imprint on a young litigator’s professional journey, and we hope to provide tools to make the first appearance memorable and successful.

Details of the Workshop:

Tricks of the Trade: A video-based training tool with a discussion about all the tricks in the bag of an expert litigator. It includes an introduction to legal jargon common to Courtrooms along with the skills required for mentioning a matter, adjourning a
matter and responding to Court queries.

At the Bar: In a Court Simulation exercise, groups of three students will be given a case based situation and one person from each group is called to the Bar to respond. Situations include mentioning, adjournments and case-based Court queries. The
courtroom etiquettes, oratory and analytical skills, as well as wit and presence of mind, will be tested. It is an extempore exercise which will help the students get a taste of the thrill to be standing at the Bar and addressing the Constitutional Courts
of the country.

Socratic Dialogue: Questions will be called from groups regarding the material discussed and used so far, which would be addressed in a Socratic method to help the group hone their analytical skills.

Participants would be limited to 70-80 students so that each participant may have an opportunity to be involved in practical exercises and get feedback for the same.

The shortlisting of the participants shall be done on the basis of a screening test, which is available on this link.

Alternatively, use the QR code:

Glimpses of Litigation, 2020_ Quiz

Entry restricted to students currently pursuing law courses, under the age of 30 years.

Attractive Prizes

  • The best performer would be invited to witness the Parliament in session with sponsored travel and accommodation with a maximum travel budget of INR 10,000.
  • SCC Online sponsored subscriptions for three students worth approximately INR 1,27,800.
  • Other exciting prizes for each round.
  • SCC training program for better research techniques.
  • Participation Certificates


Date: 15.02.2020

Time: 13:00 to 18:00 hours

Venue: World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

Last Date for application: 15.01.2020.

Registration Fees: Rs. 300/-

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