“The Menstrual Benefit Bill, 2017”, was introduced by “Shri Ninong Ering,” who is a “Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha,” and he is a member of Congress. This bill was proposed as a private bill in the Lok Sabha. The bill is made to provide certain facilities to female employees who are in their menstruation cycle during a month. This bill facilitates women from class 8th in a school to all the working women until they have periods which generally last upto the age of 45-50 years.This bill also provides the requirement to take the benefit only when women who are working or studying with an establishment registered with the appropriate government of the country. This bill proposed that the women should be allowed to have paid leave for a period of two days and if she works during that period as well then that time will be treated as working overtime and she should be paid for the overtime she has done during the course of employment.

Why is the Bill required?

The bill is required in our country as the women face many challenges during the time of menstruation cycle which mainly consist of hygiene problems in the country. India ranks 93rd in The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Performance Index, 2015 developed by the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina. The position of India was approved due to the launch of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by PM Narendra Modi on 2nd October, 2014. This bill provided the women to take paid leave from the work to take proper care of them without any burden of work. This bill worked for them as a relief . This type of practice is followed in several countries Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, etc. This bill provides punishment for those who are against the practice of providing the leaves and also provides recognition of menstruation in our country.


This bill will allow the women to have more holidays than men in a job as women have to go through a lot of pain and discomfort during the early days of the period in every month. This benefit is an undue advantage to them but this will also help them to continue with their jobs for a longer time and can contribute through their work more efficiently as at the time of the beginning of menstruation cycle there are chances that a woman has mood swings in her periods which sometimes make them take rash decisions or sometimes shout at someone which is bad for a person’s image as there are chances his image gets tainted without any good reasons. This will help them to keep in check their emotions correctly. This will also provide women to spend more time with their family and make better relationships with them.
This bill also provides better resting facilities for women during the time of menstruation cycles whether it’s a private or a government job. Though they have options of taking paid leave but if a women needs to come to workplace for any important work then proper hygiene should be maintained as the hygiene is important during the time of menstruation as if proper hygiene is not maintained then there are chances of getting infection due to which hygiene is an important part and separate place to sit for women in schools.


This bill will not only benefit the working women but will also help the girls who are studying in schools. The girls who have attained the age of 13 start having the menstruation cycle. Though there are not many benefits for a school girl, there are benefits for female teachers in the bill as they are treated as employees. These benefits pertain not only to the women who are working in the government schools or colleges but also to the private sector as well but there are limitations related to the holidays of a person as they are only allowed for 4 days of holidays during her periods. This benefit will allow taking care of them in a better way without the tension of a salary cut. As this bill provides the leave without the salary cut and if the policy is not followed then the legal action could be taken against the employer by its employees.
This bill will affect the hiring of women for a job as the employer wants the person to work more for him without taking any leaves from the job as the leave will cost him completion of work and more pressure on other persons in the employment. There are chances that people will only hire men as they are not going to take holidays and will work for them continuously without any leave unless there is a medical emergency and the employer has the chance to cut the salary if an employee takes holiday without any medical emergency or any other important situation in life.


Menstrual Equity mainly refers to affordability, accessibility and safety of menstrual products which are available in the market. As talking about menstrual equity is not all about the products which are available in the market but also about the proper education and the reproductive care which should be taken at the time of beginning of periods within the girls . In today’s world talking about menstruation is like a taboo,individuals don’t discuss it except if it turns into a social issue in a lady’s life. The instruction about the feminine cycle isn’t given in the schools or either an individual finds out about it on the web and there are likewise a few purposes of which are not satisfactory about the cycles. In the event that a lady goes to purchase cushions in a general store, at that point the merchant covers the cushions in a paper or a dark polythene sack or these days in a convey pack as the ladies can’t convey the cushions uninhibitedly. There are hardly any ladies who buy these items in a grocery store as they don’t fear what others suspect as much individuals are reluctant to chat on this subject, as this thing is a significant item in a ladies’ life which encourages them carry on with a superior life during the beginning long stretches of menstrual cycle and there is a social stigma attached to the periods and things related to talk about them like of menstruation cycle.
The contribution it will make mainly helps a school girl to an employed woman. This bill can help in attaining equality between men and women as the men do not have to go through any menstrual cycle in their life and they do not have to feel the pain through which a woman suffers during the time of her periods and she completes all her work at that time without any complaint. This will benefit them indirectly as the men have to do more work than men as they have to compensate by doing their work, when a woman is on leave due to periods then the men can understand how much a women does all her work without any complaints and with all the pain in her body, cramps in legs and without any complaint but this bill will provide them benefits of not working during the early days of periods when the pain is higher than the later stages. This bill will not only help women but also provide a better idea to the society of how the women live in our country and the girls who have attained the age of adolescence. This will also provide our future generations to talk more freely and openly about these topics who will be going through these phrases in her life.

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