Legal Thirst: Shameless Virtual Reality – An Exclusive Cyber Webinar

An Exclusive CYBER WEBINAR by Cyber and Forensic Expert for Youth (especially girls), Parents, Police Officials, and Working Professionals.

This Cyber Webinar will answer most of your queries.

Session will cover:

  1. Social Media War
  2. Identity Theft / Impersonation
  3. Revenge Porn
  4. Sextortion
  5. Privacy Breach / Leaks of Private Pics and data
  6. Cyber Bullying
  7. Parental Tips on Safer Internet Usage
  8. Beware of games like Blue Whale, Momo
  9. How to report Cyber Crime, Provision of Anonymity (non-disclosure of Victim’s name among Public/Media)
  10. How to create Mass Awareness on Cyber Frauds Prevention

(Research proves that Youngsters Are Vulnerable To Crimes Like Revenge Porn, Cyber stalking And Could Invite Leakage Of Personal Information And Virus Infection.)


Mode of Joining:-

Zoom Live

Rs. 50/- Registration Fee.

Paytm:– +91 9728258074
Phone Pe:- 9728258074
Google Pay:- +91 9728258074
UPI ID:- [email protected]
(No-Refund Policy)

Limited Seats! It’s on a first come first serve basis.
Register Now!

Date: September 17, 2020
Time: 12 pm – 1:15 pm (IST)

Speaker : Ankur Chandrakant

Sr. Cyber Forensic Expert and National Data Researcher


  • E-Certificate for all Participants.
  • 10% off on the Legal Thirst Intellectual Rights Law Course.


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