Internship Opportunity at Human Rights Law Network [HRLN, Mumbai]: Applications Open

About the organisation

Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) views the legal system as a limited but crucial instrument for realising human rights. They believe that large scale struggles against human rights violations have to be waged by social and political movements and that the legal system can play a significant supportive role in these struggles.

HRLN’s internship programme is a challenging and interesting experience for those committed to human rights and social justice in India. They offer an exciting opportunity to participate in movements for social change and welcome people from all fields to contribute to our initiatives. Interns and volunteers are an integral part of our dynamic team and we greatly value their efforts, creativity and contributions.

About the internship

HRLN gives a wonderful opportunity for interns to meet their peers all over the world. They will explore the legal and social challenges people face in the human rights field in India and develop the skills to understand how the law and social activism can achieve practical benefits for ordinary people.

  • Interns will build their capacity
  • In conducting research related to HRLN’s initiatives
  • In drafting public interest petitions
  • In conducting fact-finding missions,
  • In writing articles and publications for the website
  • In organizing workshops and conferences and such-like.
  • They might also be required to travel to other parts of India to conduct fact-finding and research on human rights issues.

Number of Interns Required

Interns a month, depends on the availability of the month you are applying


Primarily Mumbai, but could be posted to other centres across India

Who can apply?

Enthusiastic people committed to human rights, with a willingness to interact with others, and increase their hands-on experience of social and legal issues. They should have good research, writing and communications skills, as well as showing an ability to meet tight deadlines.


No stipend

Duration of internship

They require a minimum commitment of Twelve weeks for international applicants and Six weeks for Indian national applicants

Application Procedure

Applications close on the last day each month, for internships commencing three months thereafter (January for April, February for May, March for June, and so on.) You can also apply in earlier.

The Applicant is expected to send in the Application form from along with a writing sample (400 words), a research sample (400 Words) and one reference (academic and/or employment).

The applicant can mail their application along with their CV either to Internship Coordinator, India Center for Human Rights and Law, 4th Floor, Sheel Chambers, Cawasji Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001, or email it to internships.mumbai[at]

Shortlisted candidates will be informed within a month. The second round of telephone interviews will take place the subsequent month, and selected candidates will be notified, soon thereafter.

Selected candidates should submit their waiver forms within a period of 2 weeks of having been selected, failing to do could mean losing the placement to wait-listed applicants.

Contact info

HRLN – Mumbai/India Center for Human Rights and Law Internship Coordinator, Socio-Legal Information Center, 4th Floor, Sheel Chambers, Cawasji Marg, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001

Tel: +91-22-2282 0109/2282 0192

Email: internships.mumbai[at]

The official link is here.

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