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As CLAT 2020 is approaching and only a few months are left yet there has been a medley among the students regarding preparation & dropping a year.

Its been a pain to exactly conclude that whether taking a drop for CLAT is a worthwhile option or not.

But lemme try to substantiate this for the aspirants

Yes , a year drop doesn’t really matter if one can make it to at least tier 2 NLU tier 3 in the worst-case scenario.

On the other hand, if things turn other way and the individual misses the shot then it could be a complete disaster and a year loss.

Keeping in mind the weird nature of CLAT aspirants should always be prepared that it could be the unwanted way.

Those who weren’t able to make it count in CLAT 2019 don’t be tedious as NLU isn’t the last thing on the planet and certainly many non- NLU background students are doing pretty well.

As NLU’s are just a place to provide quality education there are many institutions which are at par with it don’t be too obsessed with the NLU tag.

Many students are again going to take CLAT along with college and that’s a quite right thing to do.

I would personally like to advise students to at least take CS Foundation as a backup option so that if NLU of one’s choice isn’t alotted they won’t be at zero.

As preparing along with first-year studies & CS Foundation course is quite easy as there isn’t a lot of hectic.

Taking a complete year drop without pursuing anything else could be like playing with fire as it could destroy the whole year.

One thing has been seen in recent years that many students are taking more than a one-year full-time drop that the worst thing one can do please don’t prefer any such option.

CLAT asks for a lot of perseverance, hard work and patience throughout the year till the CLAT day so keep in mind of putting a lot of hard and smart work otherwise people easily get spooned out in competitive exams.

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