Case Commentary Competition by National Law Society Odisha: Submit by April 20


The Constitutional Law Society of National Law University Odisha was established in 2018 with a vision to provide a platform for public discourse and deliberation vis-à-vis Constitutional Law.

The activities undertaken by the Society shall be aimed at enabling the students to have a holistic understanding of constitutional principles and constitutional jurisprudence.


Principles of the Constitution evolve constantly in the form of doctrines, philosophies and theories; institutionalizing, extending and protecting multifaceted rights. The Constitution keeps growing in the form of a living tree and it affects the social, economic and political structure in insurmountable forms.

This Case Commentary Competition seeks to promote original thought, Constitutional discourse and analysis amongst students, researchers, academicians and legal practitioners.


Submissions of Case Comments on judgements of Constitutional relevance or importance across all fields are encouraged. Case Comments which come up with a creative and enriching outlook on Constitutional issues shall be appreciated. The top 5 entries will be published on our blog and given E-Certificates of Merit.

  1. Interested authors are requested to send their submissions in .doc/.docx format to [email protected].
  2. The last day for submission of articles is the 20th of April, 22020. The results shall be announced after the last date for submission.
  3. Submissions should be precise and the maximum word limit is 1200 with no minimum cap (exclusive of endnotes).
  4. Authors must use endnotes and NOT footnotes.
  5. An article can be co-authored by a maximum of two people.

NOTE: CLS follows a disciplined editorial review of the submissions received and exercises absolute discretion in accepting submissions.


Udipto Sarmah (Editor-in-Chief): +91-8017402135 (WhatsApp), +91-6290503564 (Calling)

Vishesh Minocha (Editorial Board Member): +91-7503703915

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