Call for Papers: Indian Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law [Vol 1, Issue 1]: Submit by May 15

The Indian Journal of International Law is a biannual law journal covering technology law in a combination of theoretical and practical approaches. It also provides coverage of the relationship between law and artificial intelligence in businesses, education, research and innovation practices.

The Aims and Objectives of the Journal are as follows
  • To establish the manifest nature of academic learning and research in AI Ethics by endorsing systemic studies and exploration in various dimensions of AI and Social Sciences;
  • To encourage academic and applied innovation in AI Ethics and Law by democratizing and opening opportunities in publication, presentation and discussions for R&D Projects;
  • To encourage certain initiatives within the ambit of ISAIL;
Nature of Submissions

The Submissions are comprised of 3 kinds:

  1. Discussion Papers: The policy documents written and analysed by our Interns under the ROI Programme shall be published in the Journal;
  2. Technical and Legal Articles (Long Articles): Any article (from the domains of IT and Law) with due adherence to the themes are tenable to be published in the Journal;
  3. Case Comments on Law & Technology Issues: Case Comments on issues related to Law and Technology can be published in the Journal;
Editorial guidelines
  1. The abstract must not exceed 800 words in length and must not be less than 500 words in length.
  2. The article/case comment/book or article review length must not exceed or concede out of the range of 4,000-10,000 words.
  3. Kindly register using Google Forms, HERE.
  4. Kindly submit the abstract first in the form of a PDF to us at the portal. After due approval given by the team, kindly connect with the team and mail in the revised copies at isaillige[at] as requested.
Deadlines for the Paper Submissions (according to Indian Standard Time)
  • Deadline for Paper (with and  without abstract submission): May 15, 2020
  • Intimation of Selection of Paper by Assessment: 31 May 2020
Payment Fee and Process

We do not charge any fee for the purpose of registration and publication.

The website link is here.

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