Call For Paper Volume 3 Issue 1 : Jus Imperator

“Jus Imperator” hereby invites Research paper, articles and book reviews on law
and management from students, academicians, advocates and research
scholars’ professionals.
The Journal is a quarterly, ISSN peer- reviewed (ISSN: 2456-9666) publication
of Jus Imperator
The Journal will showcase the recent developments in the field of law and
Submission Guidelines :
1. Theme: Candidate can select any theme
2. Word Limit:
Special Articles: any topic related law and management (2000 words)
Short Articles- 1000 words
Book Review- Any new book launched relating to law and management 2,000
Original Research Articles (both imperative and theoretical)
Review Articles (Review on any topic with proper justification)
Short Communications (maximum 3000 words)
Case study
3. Abstract:

The Article should also include an abstract of about 80- 100 words, which has to
precede the article.
8. Important Dates:
Last date for submission: - 25 th September 2019

Paper will be publish within 10 days after completing the per publication

Submission Procedure :
1. Author mail their papers or articles on our email
[email protected]
2. For more details about submission guidelines visit our website or visit our Facebook page
: For more details authors can also whatsapp us on 8349076187.

Publication Cost:
Single author: - Rs 1000 only/-
Co-author:- Rs 1200 only/-

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