Medium is an online publishing platform, an example of social journalism, having a hybrid collection of amateur and professional people and publications, or exclusive blogs or publishers on Medium, and is regularly regarded as a blog host.
The Opinion is a publication based on Medium. We publish short articles on social and legal subjects, providing an opportunity to the early writers who face trouble in finding people who can review, enhance, publish, and promote their pieces. The Opinion accepts short articles from various subjects across social sciences such as:-
  1. International News;
  2. International Relations;
  3. National News;
  4. Politics;
  5. Law;
  6. History;
  7. Sociology;
  8. Environment;
  9. Social Movements;
  10. Economics.
  11. Entrepreneurship
  12. Leadership
  13. Business
  14. Self-development
  15. Book Reviews
  16. Movie Reviews
  17. Inspiration
The Opinion is a collective of students from various institutes across India like RMLNLU, NALSAR, NLIU, DNLU, LU, Amity University, Christ University, Nirma University, LNMIIT & DCBM, who strive to contribute towards our endeavour of free dissemination of knowledge and information.
The Opinion also has its own podcast, hosted on 12 platforms. Click here to access. Once an article is published, the authors will get an opportunity to publish their narration of the article as a podcast episode.
Click here to listen to a sample episode on Spotify.
Submission Prerequisites
  1. Word limit: 1000–2000 words;
  2. Number of authors: Maximum 2;
  3. Similarity Allowed: Maximum 20%.


  1. Font Size: Title: 18 pts Headings : 14 pts Subheadings : 12 pts Content: 12 pts
  2. Line spacing: 1.15
  3. Alignment: Justified
  4. Quotes: Italicised;


  1. All the sources are advised to be hyperlinked within the text.
  2. An online reference to be found for the offline sources, and then be hyperlinked within the text.


Visual Arts
We recommend the authors to use free resources while using adding any image to the article. Online videos can be used as a source, provided the link of the video is provided alongside the submission

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