About CALR
Centre for Academic Legal Research (CALR) is a worldwide initiative by students of law school with the aim to fill the void present in high quality legal research in various fields of law. There are five centres established under CALR, namely, Centre for the Study of Contemporary Legal Issues, Centre for Cyber Law, Centre for Commercial and Financial Law, Centre for Study of Dispute Resolution, and Centre for Environmental Awareness. Each established centre is dedicated towards high quality research work which are analytical and critical in nature under their respective filed of law.

Theme for Article:
1. The development of IBC in relation to the current Economic Situation.
2. The New Tax Regime.
3. The Impact of Singapore Convention 2018 on the World of International Commercial Dispute.
4. The Legal Side of Blockchain Technology.
5. Recent Developments in the Constitutional Jurisprudence.
We also welcome articles other than above mentioned themes.
General Guidelines:
1. Submit at: [email protected] (Rolling submission).
2. No Fees for publication.
3. The word limit for article is 1000-3000 words. (15 % plagiarism is allowed). For more details regarding guideline, visit
4. If an article requires any further development, our editor will contact the author and assist for the same.
5. Certificate of publication will be provided for every published article.
For more details visit our website:

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