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Burnished Law Journal aims to provide a number of legal journal articles& practical update of law. We actively invite people to share his/her research on contemporary issues of law, so as to enable the growth and understanding of the aspect of law to the individual in the society the main aim of Burnished Law Journal, includes topic in socio-legal, socio-economic, or any other law related topic or social issues.

Burnished Law Journal also providing certificate courses on various Law subjects.


Initiated by a group of like-minded law students we at LEGALPHILE wish to democratize legal education by making it more accessible.

Our vision is to create a platform that integrates all the limbs of legal education together.

We depend upon student fraternity for all such initiatives and hope to nurture young legal talent to the abilities we best have.

The platform is intended for students, professionals, and law enthusiasts. We attempt to create linkages that focuses on both the knowledge as well as the language of law. It is our belief that legal knowledge can only be made accessible by creating better opportunities of learning, networking, and above all value-creation. Interesting enough, we achieve all of this and more, but only a little, in the law schools.

LEGALPHILE believes that the life of law is outside; and, it is there that it intends to seek it as well.

Our vision is not only to surpass the sky, neither do we intend to achieve escape velocity and leave our ground, rather we wish to make a difference; something which is dear to our hearts and something we believe in.

About the Event 

The All Indian Political Parties Meet is a powerful committee introduced in order to emulate political realities by bringing to light various layers of polity and governance in India.

The political history of India has been both dynamic and constantly evolving. Politics in India has moved from a one party dominance to the present era of coalition politics.

The All Political Parties Meet is a forum for unrestricted political debate, discussion, and deliberation, free from the legislative functions of the Parliament.

Agenda of the conference:

“Privatization of the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India”

What we aim to discuss?

• Privatization as a better alternative to reviving PSUs.
• The new Public Sector Enterprises Policy.
• Determination of strategic sectors.
Marking Criteria 

GSL Speech


Moderated Caucus Speech




Question Raised




1. Best Parliamentarian
2. Best Speaker
3. Special Mention
Important Dates 
Last date of Registration: 15th September 2020
Date of Competition: 20th September 2020
1. WINNERS – Letter of Recommendation + 50% discount on publication and certificate courses.
2. PARTICIPANTS – Certificate of Participation + 20% discount on publication and certificate courses.
Registration link :
Contact information 
1. Damini Sharma — 6005572042
2. Ritu Raj — 7254849058
3. Takshima Maheshwari — 9910871705
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