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Law Mentor is a comprehensive legal and trusted website for law students. It aims at elevating and promoting all legal events to approach the legal aspirants without any hitch.Law Mentor began its journey in 2019 with a mission of making legal awareness and legal updates more accurate, transparent and accessible to every common man. It is our perspective that more updates and information about law will help people from different professions and legal aspirants in strengthening their capabilities.


The law mentor is organizing this competition through online platforms, keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic. The topic of the competition is

“The continuous lockdown in India have imposed a restriction upon right to movement- whether violative of Article 21 and article 19 (1) (d)”


Any Under-Graduate or Post-Graduate student from any recognized University/Institute shall be eligible to participate.


This is an online bilingual debate competition. The medium for the debate shall be either Hindi or English. Hence, the participants can use either language but must stick to one language and not switch between them.


Winner: Rs. 500/-
Popular Speaker: Rs 300/-

E-certificate to all the participants!

First two winners will be awarded cash prizes immediately via online transfer, based on the marks of the judges.

A cash prize will be given based on the popularity of the speaker on social media(YouTube and Instagram) (Popular Debater). One like will earn one mark.


1. Speaking Time is 3 minutes. On exceeding the time limit, marks entry may be disqualified.

2. The format of entries will be in the form of video recordings (mp4 format).

3. The whole speech should be recorded in one go – any Editing, Trimming or Cuttings in a video is not allowed.

4. Reading out the entire speech from a paper is not allowed. However, one can keep a short note for reference.

5. Participants shall send their videos via Google Drive share link on the Email ID being provided: [email protected]

6. Participants will be judged in  categories – CONTENT (10), DELIVERY (10), VOICE MODULATION AND PRONUNCIATION (10).

8. The decision of the judges and the organizing committee will be final and binding.

9.E-Certificate of participation will be provided to all the participants on the email ID provided at the time of registration.

10. Videos of all the participants shall be uploaded by The Law Mentor on its social media (YouTube and Instagram) by 25th of June, 2020 to find the most popular debater. The number of likes received on each video till 11:59 P.M., 30th of June 2020, will be counted to find the most popular debater. Any likes received after that time limit will not be counted.

Note: The subject of the mail should be“Submission for Lawmentor’s 1st Online Elocution Competition, 2020”and the body of the mail should constitute the ‘Name, institution and designation of the participant and contact no.

Registration Fee

The registration charge Rs. 59/-

To register-https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfvcErOVK0cL4cngeI9BqfODM0Kejh9cTQ-NRnPQh-CDkIONg/viewform?pli=1

Payment Details

· Account Details


A/C NO. – 34388478154

IFSC –SBIN0012129

· PhonePay Details:

Name: Garima Chaudhary

Phone no. : 8269276534

Concerned Deadline Date
Last Date of Registration 20th June 2020
Last date for submitting video entries 24th June 2020
Uploading of videos on Social Media 25th June 2020
The last date till which likes on Social Media videos will be counted 30th June 2020
Result/Valediction 1st July 2020

Kakoli Nath:+91 62600-62575

Nancy Garg:+91 81685 15340

Whatsapp:+91 81685 15340
Mail:[email protected]

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