10th Government Law College International Law Summit, 2020 at GLC Mumbai : 7th March

About the Summit
Students for the Promotion of International Law, Mumbai is delighted to announce its session of the Panel Discussion for the year of 2019-2020, on Coastal Regulation Zones: A Balance of Environmental and Developmental Sustainability.
Sustainable Development aims at simultaneously harmonious yet mutually benefitting system wherein the needs of human beings through development are satisfied without compromising the ability of the natural resources and ecosystems providing the same. A sustainable environment is firmly embedded in the principle of Environmental Conservation at the helm of priority followed by the development of alternate sources of deriving power whilst persistently diminishing the devastation to the environment.
The Panel Discussion will dive formerly into the vital comprehension of sustainability in both these areas, recognising not only its commonalities but also its differences. Promising to contrive viable solutions especially in the sensitive yet highly exploited Coastal Zones will be the highlight of the discussion. The implications of the modified Coastal Regulation Zones Notifications of 2018, its practicality and the feasibility is surebound to engross the attendees.



06:00 PM Onward, Saturday, 7th March, 2020.

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