Unique Law is a premier law related ed-tech firm which provides our project and assignments for law students. With immense pleasure we would like to inform you that Unique Law is a registered company under the name ‘Ansh LexPraxis Legal Education LLP’. We offer certificate courses, online internships and conduct activities such as monthly quizzes, webinars and competitions.

The uniqueness of our firm is that we help law students from different law schools to enhance their skills by providing them value added teaching in the form of assignments, courses and internships which makes their law school easy. This is a platform to get all kinds of law school assignments like research papers, articles, case studies and commentaries and all related materials.

By this call Unique Law invites interested media to present their proposal to become media partners for our latest event. The details of the event have been attached with this mail.

As a Media Partner we seek your assistance with outreach and PR activities.

This would entail:

Ø  Sending periodic emails to your contacts and mailing lists, and promoting our event to your members.

Ø  Including stories and information about Unique Law in your newsletter or mailings.

Ø  Issuing press releases highlighting our collaboration.

Ø  Making use of your social media channels to spread the word about Unique Law.

Ø  We will be sending you communications materials on a regular basis that you can use for this purpose.

We expect you to cover at least 3 of the above-listed possibilities.

In return, we will do the following:

Ø  We will offer a special 10% discount code to your membership.

Ø  As a media partner, you will be highlighted on the Unique Law Website.

Ø  We will link directly to your company website from www.uniquelaw.in

Ø  As a media partner, you will also be mentioned in some of our social media communications.

So, if you agree to our proposal kindly mail us your logo so that we can add it on our templates and forward it to you.

Catch Gaurav Puri on 25/07/2020 from 1800 Hours on Orientation to Legal Research and Writing.

The webinar would be helpful in making assignments for college and/or publication for legal academic journals/blogs.

Topics Covered:
1. Choosing the topic and title
2. Components of a Research Paper
3. How to go about Researching on the given topic
4. Plagiarism issues and Importance of using proper Citation Methods
5. Framework & Presentation of the Research Paper

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