A petition has been moved by lawyer Sunil Kumar Singh, alleging Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy of making “frivolous and unsubstantiated” claims against a sitting judge of the Supreme Court. The plea has sought the issuance of a show-cause notice against the sitting Chief Minister. Allegedly, the CM made the accusations in a letter addressed to the Chief Justice of India on October 6. The petition averred that the contents of the letter were made public to the media in a press conference conducted by the Chief Minister’s Principal Advisor on October 10. The petition has sought the Apex Court’s attention to issues of similar nature, which has the potential to malign the highest judicial body of the country. The petition has also stated that the right place to bring such allegations is the Parliament or the State Legislature and not press conferences. It was also stated that the unwarranted assertions, such as the present, could undermine the independence of the judiciary and the public faith in the institution. 

Inter-alia, it was also alleged that the respondent has wholly failed to “understand and appreciate” the fact that “irresponsible statements” could have a debilitating impact on the integrity and public faith in the judiciary. The petition also stated that today, allegations are made against the judiciary with impunity and “more readiness.” The respondent must be held duty-bound to respect judiciary-pleads the petition. The petition seeks an order, barring the respondent from advancing such frivolous and volatile statements against the judiciary. 

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Lakshmi Raj C

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