There has been a violation of mining guidelines in tiger reserve which is in contravention of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and mining norms. Recently, the NGT has ordered the State of Rajasthan and Center Government to ban mining activities in Sariska tiger reserve, Alwar district, Rajasthan, India to ensure that there is a complete ban on the excavation of minerals from the reserve.

According to the NGT, the mining was taking place vicinity which can cause harm to the species living in the reserve which are in clear violation of mining norms laid down below the Sustainable Sand Mining management tips 2016 and the surroundings (protection) Act, 1986.

It was found by the Tribunal that Rajasthan Government fails to take care of the supply enforcement mechanism of flora and fauna and has oversight of the regulatory mechanism of the same. The NGT has asked the Union Government to work with and to give its support to the Rajasthan Government to overcome this problem. The NGT said that we cannot refrain from expressing our challenge at such incidents in eco-sensitive regions and the defiance of environmental legal guidelines last unchecked.

NGT further stated that activities of such kind must be taken care of and the family of the deceased must be rehabilitated and it must be certified by the police officers that the guilty is detained expeditiously and taken to justice. The NGT said that taking proper care of the environment is its primary duty and punishing is secondary.

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Somya Goyal

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