Justice SM Subramanian of the Madras High Court called for enhancing the measures in the judicial departments to be more careful against the corruption practices in the Judiciary. This action was taken when the removal of a Tirunelveli Registrar took place on grounds that he accepted bribes.

Looking at the prevalence of the devil of corruption among the public services and how this practice hampers the country’s development at the cost of taxpayers’ money, the Judge stated that the Judiciary is not exempted from this evil either.

While considering that the Judiciary has to look after its vigilance wing to strengthen it and that present mechanisms are not enough to deal with the corrupt practices, he further suggested that frequent inspections and surprise visits in the judicial premises are needed.

He further emphasized that the Government should strengthen the Anti-corruption wings, surprise inspections to be taken place in the offices, disproportionate wealth of public servants shall be checked time to time, etc.

The Judge added that the copy of the judgment be communicated to the Chief Secretary of the State and the Registrar General of the Madras High Court, so that it could be implemented.

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Komal Sabhnani

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