DDUCMUN’20 at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi[10-11 April] : Registrations Open

DDUC MUN’20 brings to you 5
Significant agendas under 6 distinguished committees, namely:
1. AIPPM : Deliberation on the misuse of government machineries and  Reducing Autonomy of extra-constitutional bodies.
2. UNODC– Piracy and Maritime Crime in the Indian Ocean
3. UNHRC– Reviewing the interrogation techniques used by military and other law enforcement agencies
4. UNEP– Deliberation on the rising transnational environmental crimes with special emphasis to timber, sandalwood and ivory.
5. UNGA (DISEC)– Discussing the role of private military companies in modern warfare.
6. International Press– Photographers, journalist and caricaturists
Total Prizes of ₹15 lakhs!
Delegate Fees- Rs.1100/- only
Kush Bansal -8377081003

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