The LegisNations is not just the academic aspect, but a combination of both the practical and the academic world. LegisNations bringings to you a Case Comment Writing Competition, which provides the best of both worlds. This Case Comment Writing Competition seeks to promote original thought, and analysis amongst students, researchers, academicians and legal practitioners.


1. The word limit is 1500-2000 words, exclusive of footnotes.

2. Font size for content to be 12 Times New Roman and for footnotes to be 10 Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, and Justified.

3. The 20th Bluebook edition shall be followed for all citations. The submission must be made in .doc or .docx format only.

4. No participant can make more than 1 submission.

5. The content should be the original work of the writer and should not have been given to any other competition or for any publication.

6. Plagiarized content shall not be entertained.

7. The Case Comment should be sent on


1st Prize: 1500 INR + Certificate of Merit +Publication + Letter of Recommendation
2nd Prize : 800 INR + Certificate of Merit + Publication + Letter of Recommendation
3rd Prize: 500 INR + Certificate of Merit + Publication + Letter of Recommendation

For any query kindly contact:

Registration: 200 INR

Registration Link:

For more information visit:

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