Vidhi Mitra, The Legal Aid Cell, Dharmashastra National Law University, Jabalpur was established in the year 2018. Its aim is to make the legal system and justice more accessible to the general public and create awareness amongst the people about the contemporary legal issues and established rights of the people.


The Vidhi Mitra Blog is aimed to provide an active forum to the legal fraternity to express and share their experiences and opinions on contemporary legal issues and themes prescribed by the cell. The Blog can be accessed here:

The Editorial Board of the blog is inviting articles, case notes, blog posts, book reviews and discussion within the aim and scope of the subject matter, i.e., Technological Advancement and Law.


Balance in any society is measured by comparing the speed of social changes and their corresponding changes in the law. The rapid social changes, as the outcome of technological advancement bring deep social effect. In order to counter those effects, the law must adapt itself and take into account the perspective future changes so as to maintain equilibrium. Thus, it would not be far-fetched to say that changes in law and technological advancements go hand in hand. With every technological development introduced in our society new relationships, activities and entities also develop which can pose certain questions regarding use and reach of the technology, limiting its use to a particular area and many others.

Laws are required to regulate these advancements. New laws specially tailored for such changes are required as the existing laws have not taken into account the rapid technological developments. Having a clear understanding of the legal issues that may arise with the advancement in technology lawmakers can amend the existing laws or make new laws to deal with them effectively. Understanding the pattern of the change would give a better picture of the possibilities or the challenges that could arise. The development of law and technology has opened various areas for research like introduction of crypto-currencies, artificial intelligence, criminal hacking, etc. The continuous developments in these technologies open opportunities for research on the relationship between law and these advancements.


The Blog is open to any topic which revolves around “Technological Advancement and Law” or any other contemporary legal issue(s).


There are countless topics to explore for research in law and technological advancement, but keeping in mind the current subject-matters of discussion on the relationship between law and technological advancement and their interdependence, we have divided our theme into the following sub-themes:

  1. Crypto currency in India: Potential and Challenges
  2. Innovation and Technology: Growing field of Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Importance of technology in imparting legal education
  4. Regulatory policies for Artificial intelligence and Robotics
  5. Technology: A threat to Privacy
  6. Impact of technological advancement on Civil liberties
  7. Validity of Electronic Contract
  8. Emergence and future of Virtual Courts
  9. Analysis of IT laws in India.
  • The author may choose one or more sub-themes for his/her manuscript.
  • The article should be an original work of the author and neither published nor under consideration for publication in any other journal or blog. The work must not be plagiarized.
  • Co-authorship (limited to 2 authors) is allowed.
  • The Word Limit for, Articles: 2500-3500 words; Case Notes: 1000-2000 words; Book Review: 1500-2500 words; Blog: 1000-1500 words. Manuscripts above the prescribed word limit shall not be considered as a general rule, except under special circumstances subject to the sole discretion of the Editorial Board. In case author(s) want(s) to roll out a series of blogs, the decision on the word limit shall be taken by editorial board accordingly.
  • All submissions should be typed in font Times New Roman with heading size 14, font size 12, line spacing 1.5′; justified.
  • The submissions should be made online in a MS Word format document to: mentioning the details of the author(s), the category of the manuscript and the sub-theme(s).

The theme aims to offer reflection on the inter-dependent relationship between technology and law. The theme also seeks to clarify and deepen the intellectual roots by exploring the possibilities and challenges that technology pose to the existing legal system. It also aims at analyzing the potential of technological furtherance in the field of law. The work of the author(s) must represent a new idea or contribution to the jurisprudence of the topic. Arguments must be logical and backed by facts.


  1. The author may choose to write on one or more sub-theme for his write-up.
  2. The blog is also open to any topic that revolves around Technological Advancements and law or any other contemporary

The blogs shall be submitted on or before 25th August 2020 at


In the case of any queries, contact at:

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